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  • Goutham Prasad

    Computer Science

    Experience: 6 Years Qualification : Mtech

  • Nysha Diwakar


    Experience: 4 years Qualification : MA in English

  • Amruta


    Experience: 2 years Qualification: Msc in Mathematics

  • Lakshmi kanth

    Computer science,Mathematics

    Experience: 13 years Qualification: MTech ,Phd

  • Mahantesh Hinglage

    Physics And Electronics

    Experience: 8 Years Qualification: Msc in Physics

  • Parimala

    Commerce Subjects

    Experience: 6 Years Qualification:

  • Jagan Murthy

    Mathematics And Physics

    Experience: 8 Years Qualification:

Student Testimonials

  • I got myself a tutor few months back, from Europa Educations My tutor helps me with everything which is related to the subjects from basic understanding to getting to know quickly adapt methods to learn . My tutor is very experienced and knowledgable and also keeps the lessons effective, engaging and fun. I cant thank him enuf for all the help that he gave me, and I was able to take my studies to next level.

    Abhinav R, -- Student
  • Working side by side with a co-operating well experienced teacher full time for one subject was very good. Support comes from a variety source such as teaches, parents, friends. An amazing teacher who made the subject to be easy and taught me easy methods and made to write the exam in a better and a easy way. It was being very Understandable and easy to me when the teacher was explaining.

    Priya, -- Student
  • Teaching at the very best. Honestly telling they will make you fall in love with the subjects. They won’t tell you how to gain marks but they help you gain knowledge with in turn reflects in your marks card.

    Abhishek, -- Student
  • My teacher helps me with all the subjects, he is my best friend and I like him very much

    Rushabh, -- Student
  • I like my teacher's teaching, He helps me learn all the subjects in a easy way

    He supports every time, really a good motivator and teach very well slowly, smoothly, perfectly.

    Mithun, -- Student
  • Sir is excellent at teaching all subjects. He gave me many tasks and also papers to boost my confidence.Sir Picked out my week points and helped me to overcome those weekness. sir improved me in maths and kannada subjects at which i was weak . sir was very friendly with me and helped me to score good grades in all of my exams

    Jaideep, -- Student