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  1. A Tutor warrants that he/she is, at least, Twenty years of age, and has the lawfully necessary educational qualifications and/or experience to provide tuition in the subject/s specified by the Tutor on the site.
  2. A Tutor agrees and understands that he/she is not an employee of Europa Educational Solutions Pvt Ltd and accept full responsibility for all Income Tax and other amounts payable. We do not issue any working experience certificate or salary certificate to our registered members.
  3. A Tutor agrees to provide accurate and current information about him/her – including name, address, telephone number/s, qualifications, tutoring experience.
  4. Tutor should not start any tutoring session unless confirmation from “EUROPA EDUCATIONAL SOLUTIONS PVT LTD” representative and also Tutor agrees to stop the classes when informed by us.
  5. A Tutor agrees to update the address information with us to time to time.
  6. Fees structure will be paid by “EUROPA EDUCATIONAL SOLUTIONS PVT LTD” directly every month on 10th . Tutor not allowed to discuss the fee structure with parents .
  7. We are not involved in any kind of interaction that takes place between the Tutors and students/parents, and he hence is not liable for any dispute or disagreement or misinterpretations or arguments arising between the parents / students and the Tutors. The parents / students and the Tutors are however free to take feedback and suggestions from us to solve the issue.
  8. “EUROPA EDUCATIONAL SOLUTIONS PVT LTD” or its representatives never ask the Tutor for registration fees.
  9. “EUROPA EDUCATIONAL SOLUTIONS PVT LTD” will inform you in advance regarding all the details of student and The company will also intimate you about the fees structure in advance.
  10. A Tutor is not allowed to use the mobile phone during the class hours and also maintaining a proper dress code is mandatory.
  11. “EUROPA EDUCATIONAL SOLUTIONS PVT LTD” will not force you to take any class at any point of time. But once you have assigned the duty , your bound to complete the assignment for minimum duration of three months.
  12. A Tutor agree to give an advance notice in case of dis-continuation minimum of 15 days before ( After completion of minimum three months of class ). Incase of discontinuation without prior notification will result in fee deduction or legal consequences. The tutor agrees to the set conditions.
  13. Any kind of mental/physical/sexual harassment to the students are not tolerated and same will be considered seriously by the company and will be taken to legal procedure.
  14. Europa Educational Solutions Pvt Ltd holds the right to terminate without giving explanation.
  15. A tutor agrees to defend and hold “Europa Educational Solutions Pvt Ltd” from any and all claims, damages and suits
  16. A tutor agree not to interfere Europa Educational Solutions Pvt Ltd or its officials and employees to any civil, criminal or consumer claims
  17. All the details provide by the tutors belongs to Europa Educational Solutions Pvt Ltd and we do not return the same.
  18. Term and Conditions are last updated on 20-08-2019 from time to time we may change T&C without notice. A tutor is requested to visit the website for updated policy time to time.
  19. By registering as Tutor you agree all our terms and conditions failure to follow any mentioned point will be taken to legal procedure.


1. List of Holidays (Table 1)

a) New year’s Day

b) Sankrati

c) Maha Sivaratri

d) Holi

e) Ganesh Chatarthi

f) Mahalya Amavasye

g) Ugadi

h) May Day

i) Independence Day

j) Ayudha Puja

k) Vijayadashami

l) Mahanavami

m) Deepavali

n) Christmas Day (If Applicable)

o) Ramzan (If Applicable)

p) Bakrid (If Applicable)